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Introducing World in Conflict

Lead your forces against the incoming Soviet invasion in World in Conflict, the PC strategy game where nations clash on fully-destroyable 3D battlefields.>> LEARN MORE

Name in the Game Sweepstakes!


The World in Conflict "Name in the Game" Sweepstakes has kicked off! Enter for a chance to put your mark on this highly anticipated action strategy game with your name on the signage of your own building! (e.g. John Doe's General Store).
Follow this link to enter:

CPL Registration Begins Today!


The 1st Stage of the 2007 CPL World Tour with World in Conflict as the featured team title is set to begin May 11-13 in Verona Italy. CPL Registration opens May 3rd and information will be available on the CPL site and the CPL Italy site.

Can't make it to Verona, Italy? Well you can follow the World in Conflict events on the CPL World Tour website. Stay tuned to for a full event recap of the Verona CPL event and details on how you can register for upcoming events on the CPL Tour.

CPL President Interviewed Live on EG

04-30-2007 - World in Conflict Tourney Questions Answered

Last weeks news that World in Conflict would be the featured team title on The CPL 2007 World Tour made big waves in the e-sports community. Naturally fans who are already familiar with World in Conflict know that the game has huge potential in the e-sports world, which has been demonstrated with our other partners such as Dreamhack and Electronic Sports League. However, those people who are not yet familiar with the game raised many questions after the announcement.

To help address these questions and build more excitement for the 07 tour, CPL President Angel Munoz, sat down for a live interview with Epileptic Gaming. EG is a noted e-sports web broadcast show that you can watch here. Please note that the web broadcast contains language that may not be suitable for all audiences.

The Cyberathlete Professional League and Sierra Partner up for CPL World Tour 2007!

04-23-2007 - World in Conflict to be a Featured Title in the Full World Tour

The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL), the pioneer and leader in professional video gaming competitions, today announced a partnership with video game publisher Sierra Entertainment as the title sponsor of the 2007 CPL World Tour, which will debut in Verona, Italy on May 11-13, 2007.

The eight-month 2007 CPL Sierra Entertainment World Tour, boasting a total competitive purse of $500,000, includes stops in Italy, Sweden, the United States, Australia and Brazil, and will culminate with a $300,000 Grand Prize Final event currently planned for New York City.

Read the full press release on The CPL website and stay tuned for full event coverage on

Previews Galore - World in Conflict Invades News Sites Everywhere!

04-11-2007 - Single Player First Looks & New Videos

How do you get top placement on just about every gaming website in one day? Simple - invite all the press you can find to play a great game - World in Conflict! This past week the Sierra team assembled some of the biggest names in the gaming media world to go hands on with World in Conflict at an event in San Francisco, CA. The event has resulted in a wave of press coverage for the game that we are all to happy to share with you.

If you have been following us for some time then you know a great deal about the game's groundbreaking multiplayer. However, the details of the single player campaign have been a bit of a secret until now. The previews hitting today and throughout this month are the first full looks at the single player side of World in Conflict. Catch up on all the great coverage by reading the great articles below. - " the top of the pile of our most wanted strategy games." Read the 4 page preview complete with new screens and the new "Counter Attack" Gameplay Movie. - "World in Conflict has held a grip on my imagination for some time." Read the front page preview. - "World in Conflict's mix of high-tech combat, beautiful visuals, and intriguing premise makes this a real-time strategy game to keep an eye on." Read the feature preview here.

The fine folks at have posted several new videos on the site. The include a developer walkthrough of the single player preview, a tactical nuke montage set to classical music, and Gamplay Movie #3 "Counter Attack". Catch them all!

IGN says "This Nuke is For You!"

04-06-2007- New Hands-On Preview

IGN has gone hands on once more with World in Conflict and posted a new preview complete with screenshots. The editor's where given the chance to play the game during the ongoing multiplayer alpha test. They preview goes into great detail on their multiplayer experience.

The preview also hints that they will be posting coverage of their first look at the single player campaign in the near future. To quote IGN, "If it's anywhere near as exciting and fast-paced as the multiplayer, we have a lot to look forward to."

The Cold War Heats Up On

04-05-07 New Video and MP Alpha Test is debuting a new video with Massive CEO and Founder Martin Walfisz that gives you a combat briefing on the upcoming action strategy title. The video contains new information and game footage. Watch it here. is also hosting a closed multiplayer alpha test for the game that is available to a select number of Complete Members. Learn more on the Gamespot site here.

To find out about future World in Conflict play tests sign up for the WiC newsletter.

World in Conflict - Games For Windows Preview

03-22-2007 Voodoo Goes Hands-on

Once again World in Conflict is sharing ink with some of the biggest names in gaming. This time the upcoming game from Sierra was on display at the Microsoft Games for Windows press event in Munich Germany. Voodoo Extreme was on hand and has posted an impressive hands-on recap.

Event Recap: World in Conflict at Cebit


Cebit, in Hanover Germany, is Europe's largest consumer electronics event. Tens of thousands of people from around the globe packed the huge convention center to check out the latest and greatest in technology. Naturally this was the perfect venue to show offWorld in Conflict. With our event bags packed yet again we flew off to drop some more jaws with the most intense strategy game ever created.

Mission accomplished! The event was another success with thousands of people getting hands on experience with the game during the show. We've posted a few pictures to our events gallery for you to enjoy. There is even a photo of a German Army (Bundeswehr) team trying the game - they loved it!

Join The World in Conflict Union


Looking for a place to interact with other World in Conflict fans? In addition to our official forums you can now join the World in Conflict Union on

Special thanks to Gamespot member "GundamStrike" for creating the union with his team of union officers. Going forward the union hopes to have plenty of events and promotions to keep members active. All of which will be made more possible with the support of the entire community.

World in Conflict at Dreamhack Behind The Scenes Video

03-09-2007 - Get an Inside Look at Our Event at The World's Largest Lan Party

Lights, camera, - tactical nukes! We held the first ever official World in Conflict Tournament at Dreamhack in Sweden. Dreamhack set the record for world's largest LAN event with over 10,000 participants. Our cameras were on hand to give you an inside look. View the new video on the homepage now.

WiC News Update #1


  • Our third monthly World in Conflict Newsletter went out earlier this week. Are you on our mailing list?
  • The World in Conflict team continues to grow with the addition of programmer Henrik Edin.
  • Our nuke effect drew raves on PC Gamer Podcast Episode 68.
  • GamersMark's "The State of PC Gaming Address" predicted that in 2007 "...the Cold War will be the new World War II. This isn't a bad thing if they're all like World in Conflict, the jaw-dropping real-time strategy game from Massive Entertainment."

  • That's right GamersMark. If you liked WWII, you'll love WWIII!

Noted Silicon Valley Tech Guru Loves World in Conflict

02-01-2007 - San Jose Mercury News Previews Game

Dean Takahashi is one of the most noted technology writers in North America - if not the world. Mr. Takahashi was in attendance during our recent showing at the Games for Windows event in San Francisco. He posted a preview article for the game in the San Jose Mercury News. Read the online article and find out why Mr. Takahashi is calling World in Conflict " of the prettiest and most intense RTS games I've ever seen."

NVIDIA VP Excited About World in Conflict


When a big name at a leading graphic chip maker says your game looks take notice! NVIDIA VP Roy Taylor was recently interviewed by Next Gerneration News to get his take on new things coming to PC gaming and he had some great things to say about World in Conflict
Here is an exert from the article on Next Generation news:

"Currently, Crysis is one of best-looking DX10 games on the slate, and one that has garnered much of media's attention. But when asked to play favorites, Taylor names a different game that has impressed him the most from a graphical standpoint.
"That's an easy one: World in Conflict, which is going to be published by Vivendi [and developed by Massive Entertainment]. The first time I saw the nuke in the game, I was absolutely stunned. There are a lot of cliches in the software industry - oh my God, there are a lot of cliches - and one of them is, 'This will redefine gaming! Blah blah blah!' The one time that I'll say that a cliche isn't a cliche is this: World in Conflict genuinely blurs the line between RTS and first-person shooter. ... I'm really impressed with that."

New World in Conflict Trailer!

01-25-2007 - CES 2007 Trailer Released Online

We are very pleased to announce the online release of the World in Conflict CES 2007 Trailer. This trailer was created for our apperance at the CES 2007 convention earlier in January. We could sit here and try to creativly explain how great it is...or you could head over to and watch it for yourself.

Coast to Coast with Games for Windows

01-24-2007 - Catch New Screenshots!

The members of the World in Conflict make very good use of our travel bags...not to mention the CCCP jackets. This week we pulled a magic trick and appeared in two places at the same time. The game was invited to participate in Microsoft's Games for Windows press tour which held simultaneous events in San Francisco and New York. Again we shared the stage with the best in the industry to and came away with an amazing response.

The events took empty floor space overlooking the New York and San Francisco skylines, and with some great furniture and tons of LCD screens turned them into great gaming showcases. This created a perfect venue to show off our game to the press in attendance. You can learn and see more about the events on You can catch press coverage of the event complete with new screenshots on

World in Conflict at CES 2007 Recap


The team is still recovering from the amazing experience we had last week at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. World in Conflict was given the honor of being displayed in Microsoft's booth as part of the Games for Windows program. Attendance at the booth was "massive" (pun intened)!

The game drew great attention as we dropped our tactical nukes to the delight of those gathered. Industry insiders were very excited to see the game running on Window's Vista for the first time publically. We also debuted a brand new trailer that will be released online later and footage from the game was included in a video played during Microsoft's key note address. With cutting edge graphics and ground breaking features, World in Conflict is the perfect showcase title for the Vista platform and what's next in PC gaming.

The event generated plenty of press coverage. You can catch new articles from and

World in Conflict Headed to CES

01-07-07 - Game to be featured in Microsoft's Games for Windows booth.

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is the world's largest electronics convention. World in Conflict will be at the show in Microsoft's Games for Windows booth as well as NVIDIA's booth. This high level of support from two key industry partners is another sign of the excitement around World in Conflict. We'll have a full event recap complete with photos after the event.

Inside Massive

12-18-2006- Happy Holidays from the World in Conflict Team

Hi everyone,
We are busy like mad to make World In Conflict an unbelievably cool experience, but as we come close to Christmas we would like to stop for just a second and say Hello and Thanks to all of you!

The most rewarding experience in 2006 was to bring World In Conflict to events in L.A., Leipzig, Moscow and Sweden, where we got to see the game in the hands of gamers - right where it belongs! In 2007 we will make sure that every single one of you gets the same chance. Unless we bump into you on the floor of a show, an e-sports tournament or a LAN-party, keep your eyes open for the Beta program! We need all the feedback from the trials, so your participation will be invaluable. We look forward to telling you more about the several aces we have up our sleeve... There's stuff cooking that we are dying to share!

For now, we wish you a Massive Christmas and a Happy New Year!

View the WIC Holiday Image

Massive Returns from Dreamhack

12-08-2006 - World in Conflict shown at world record LAN party

Dreamhack is over and the entire World in Conflict team could not be happier with the results. The event itself turned out to be a world record breaker, being entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest LAN ever, with 7752 participants.

World in Conflict took center stage at the event with a stage presentation and a 32 PC booth. The ESL (Electronic Sports League) hosted the 1st ever tournament for the game in the booth with huge fanfare. Four members of SOE Clan, a Swedish team, won a thrilling victory to claim top prize. You can see the winners, in their brand new WIC jackets, along with other event photos in our event gallery.

World in Conflict Headed To Dreamhack

12-01-2006- Dremhack is The World's Largest LAN Fest

If you know anything about LAN parties than you've probably heard of Dreamhack. The twice annual event in Sweden is one of the premier LAN events in the world. This year Dreamhack is shooting for a world record with 10,000 LAN Gamers in attendance.

The World in Conflict team will be there in full force, thru Dec 3rd, giving gamers a chance to experience the game. The team has partnered once again with The Electronic Sports League (ESL) to demo the game on 32 stations. Pro gamers from the ESL will be on hand to play against Dreamhack attendees. Stay tuned for a full event recap and photos after the event.


11-30-2006 - New fansite is most ambitious to date.

The entire World in Conflict team is pleased to welcome to our growing network of fansites. This new site is the particularly impressive, because it offers both German and English versions. The site was created by a dedicated team of German fans who previously created the highly successfully Any true fan will have on their bookmark list.

NVIDIA World Premiere Event Recap

11-10-2007 - Check out the new photos in our event gallery.

World in Conflict shared the stage with the some of the game industry's finest at NVIDIA's Reality Redefined launch event November 8. Our very own Greg Goodrich took the stage between Todd Hollenshead (id Software) and Cevat Yerli (Crytek) to show the 2,200 person crowd just what they can expect from a true next-generation strategy game.

The event unvieled NVIDIA's new 8800 Series video cards and showcased World in Conflict alongside Crysis and Quake Wars. It is a tribute to World in Conflict's quality to see it on stage with the likes of these games.

Check out NVIDIA's coverage of the event, view a video of the presentation on's online broadcast (fwd vid to 28mins), or view the photos in our event gallery.

World in Conflict at NVIDIA World Premiere Event

11-08-2006 - 1st American public play event on site

Leading graphic chips maker NVIDIA is holding a huge world premiere event in San Jose that is certain to create gaming news in the days to come. World in Conflict is the only strategy game featured at the event. Event attendees will be the first people in North America to get their hands on WIC at a public event. You can get more details on and we will have a full event recap posted soon.

World in Conflict at Russian Game Event this Weekend.


If you are a World in Conflict fan living in or traveling to Moscow, Russia this weekend - I have good news! You can get a hands on demo of the game. That's right the dev team from Massive will be on hand at the Igromir Expo Nov. 4-5th. If your Russian language skills are pretty good then you can view the event website here.

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